Announcing Table366

Welcome to my brand new project. You are the first to hear about my challenge. I hope you will visit often, take advantage of my insanity and share it with your friends.

Here is my challenge: Starting January 1, 2012 I will create and share a brand new recipe every single day for a year. There are 366 days this year (I would have picked a leap year for this crazy project).

Yes, I know, you are saying to yourself: “that sounds an awful lot like that movie about Julia Child”. Well it is not. I am not cooking someone else’s recipes and I will try not to throw meat or sit on my kitchen floor crying. I WILL create something new every day. It may not be a 5 course meal or even a main dish. What I will promise is that it will be edible and will have been tested before I post it.

Along with the recipes will be some other fun stuff. I will not let National Hot Dog day go without a mention and I ¬†will definitely let you know when it’s my Uncle Bob’s birthday. Everybody has an uncle Bob after all. You never know where I will be or what I will make. I have to do a bit of traveling this year so that should be exciting.

Stay tuned and tell your friends. Buckle up, we are in for a yummy ride.