Airplane Food 2

Flew again today and am running very late and very tired but didn’t want to miss a day.

Airport food is always a challenge. Even if you find something at the airport you will pay a premium. Today I bought a chicken sandwich on a nice roll with some spicy sauce that was 10 bucks. My plane was delayed and I was leery of the sauce’s longevity so I ate half before ever boarding.

Here is an idea for the next time you are scheduled to fly. I know it is just a peanut butter sandwich and you really don’t need a recipe. But keep in mind that whole wheat bread combined with the peanut butter creates a complete protein. Also, it does not easily spoil. Make sure you buy a bottle of water in the airport (after security) because it can stick to the roof of your mouth.

A bag of pretzels to share with your neighbors and a cut up apple or a banana will round out your sack airplane lunch.


  • 2 Pieces of Whole Wheat Bread
  • Peanut Butter (With no crap in it)
  • Jelly or Jam (optional)


  • Knife
  • Sturdy Plastic re-sealable bag
  1. Make the sandwich. Don’t use too much peanut butter so you won’t have a mess at 34 thousand feet.
  2. Cut it in half or even quarters. That way you can have it a little at a time, or share it with your partner or neighbor or cranky kid in front of you.


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