The Spanish Breakfast Sandwich

As indicated in a recent Time magazine article, the average weight of an adult in the world is 137 lbs. In the United States, the average weight of an adult is 178 Lbs. That is embarrassing. How is it that we claim to be the best and brightest when really what we are is fat and stupid?

Our government wastes our tax dollars voting on repealing a law that the supreme court has said is constitutional. The California legislature has put into law a ban on Foie Gras. McDonalds sponsors the olympics but people are worried that the US  uniforms are made in China. Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban soda over 16oz and people are furious. Do you see a pattern emerging here? It seems to me that our elected officials are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

I don’t have the answer and I am not sure that there is just one answer, but I know that we need each other and our elected officials to figure out what to do. That takes more than one person’s ideas and knowledge; it takes conversations and compromise, but it first takes recognizing the seriousness of the problem. We are fat and out of shape. That means more days of work missed, greater use of health care and therefore greater health care costs, less productivity, and an increase in mortality at a younger age. This makes our country less competitive and drags our economy down.

And why is this and why are we letting it happen? Because big food companies that sell sugary drinks and processed food that are rich in calories and poor in nutrients are having their way with our government. They are receiving subsidies to produce corn and the 16 products that can be made from cheap corn including High Fructose Corn Syrup, they are influencing the FDA and USDA, they are paying for studies in order to influence their outcomes, all for profit. These companies know exactly what they are doing. Stop them before they kill you and destroy our great country.

How do you stop them. Simple. Stop buying their junk. Eat food, not products. Drink water or wine, not coke or pepsi. That will do it. Really easy and really good for you. You will be much less likely to get fat, need extra health care and die young.


  • Sandwich Rolls
  • Jamon de Serrano (or Prosciutto)
  • Fresh Tomatoes, sliced
  • Olive Oil


  • Chef’s Knife
  1. Slice the roll in half. The La Brea bakery has a new roll out called a Telera Roll which is close to the slightly sweet rolls served in Spain. 
  2. Build a sandwich (either closed or open) of tomato, thinly sliced serrano and a drizzle of olive oil.
This sounds ridiculously simple and it is. It is also ridiculously delicious if you have the right ingredients. Find them and try it. You will want to kiss me on the lips.

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