Vodka and Meyer Lemon

Another bail out post. I have not had a moment to do anything today other than work. This is what I am about to make.


  • Good Vodka
  • Tonic Water
  • Meyer Lemon


  • Knife
  • Glass


  1. Pour 2 shots of good vodka in a glass over ice.
  2. Fill with tonic.
  3. Squeeze a good amount of meyer lemon  and also garnish with it.
  4. Go to bed.






2 comments on “Vodka and Meyer Lemon

  1. Hélène says:

    Chris , can you address the “on this date ” soon I will have it memorized….

  2. Helene, Unfortunately, the “On the date” only is for today. They don’t stick to the previous posts. A failing of the program or my limited implementation. I get all of my information from either my friend Larry Bellings site or You will have to guess which one I chose from if you are keenly interested.

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