Mascarpone and Parma Ham Sandwich

That’s right, a ham and cheese sandwich. I love simple food with great ingredients. You can spend the entire day in the kitchen and make delicious food and you can buy the perfect ingredients and simply assemble as delicious of a delight. I have fond memories of the old ham and processed cheese on wonderbread. Fortunately, it will remain a memory. This is not your mama’s ham and cheese.

I also have fond memories of this sandwich. There was a little Italian deli (Run by two French brothers, go figure) near Paddington Station in London that made this sandwich and it was so good that, even when I wasn’t in that part of town, I would go out of my way to grab one.


  • 1 Short Baguette
  • 3-4 Slices Prosciutto
  • Mascarpone Cheese


  • Knife
  1. Slice the baguette in half lengthwise.
  2. Spread a coat of mascarpone (sweet Italian cream cheese) on one side of the bread.
  3. Add the ham.

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