Whipped Cream

Tonight starts the preparations for Thanksgiving. My son comes home from college tomorrow officially marking the beginning of the holiday week. My wife calls it the twelve days of Thanksgiving. I thought I would ease you in with something that you will surely need.

You may think that I have lost my mind giving you a recipe for whipped cream, but contrary to popular belief whipped cream does not come in a can or, worse yet, a tub. The process actually involves cream and, wait for it, you actually whip it. Here is exactly how.

6-8 Servings (Dollop each on top of your choice)


  • 2 Cups Heavy Cream
  • 2 Tablespoons Grand Marnier (optional)


  • Stand Mixer with Wire Whip or
  • Hand Mixer with Glass or Pottery Bowl
  1. Chill the bowl. This is the most important step. If you are having to use a hand mixer make sure that you are using a bowl that can get cold. Copper or Aluminum would be great, but a glass or ceramic bowl will work as well. Plastic is not so great.
  2. Add the cream and beat on high for about one minute or until you have soft peeks. Do not over beat or you will end up with butter.
  3. Add the grand mariner and beat for another 10 seconds or so. You can add sugar instead but I would not recommend it. I would rather just have whipped cream plain. Bourbon is also a nice add, depending on the final goal.

Welcome to the holidays. Enjoy every moment and walk a lot in between meals. You won’t burn many calories but you will feel better about sitting down to your next meal.


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